Expertise Spotlight: Offshore Wind

As the United States offshore wind market gains momentum from only 30 MW installed today to more than 2,000 MW contracted, Power Advisory has developed a strong understanding of the opportunities presented by this technology, the differing policies and regulatory frameworks supporting the industry’s development, and the significant cost declines that are being experienced.

Offshore wind related consulting services provided by Power Advisory include:

  • Independent Expert & Evaluator
  • Market Study
  • Rate Impact Analysis
  • Review of Leasing, Permitting, & Approvals
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Policy & Regulatory Development Tracking

Select examples of our offshore wind experience and qualifications are:

  • 83C Proposal Evaluation and Selection Support for Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources
  • Assessment of Implications of Transmission Interconnection Issues on the Feasibility and Reasonableness of Achieving OSW Development Targets
  • New England, New York, and New Jersey Regional Transmission System Review
  • Offshore Transmission Policy Options Whitepaper
  • Competitive Assessment of US OSW Market Participants and Regional Market Summaries
  • BOEM Competitive Leasing Process Review, Non-Monetary Credit Factor Strategy for ATLW-4A, and Massachusetts Community-based Organization Identification
  • Review of Schedule & Cost for Leasing, Permitting and Approval Process for OSW Off New York and Massachusetts
  • North American OSW Market Study for Vestas Offshore Wind

For more information on how we can support your offshore wind needs please contact our primary offshore wind experts John Dalton (, (978) 369-2465) and Carson Robers (, (617) 396-7936).