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Power Advisory hosts information and strategy session on the possibility of a Capacity Market in Ontario

Power Advisory LLC recently hosted an information and strategy session to discuss the possibility of a Capacity Market being developed in Ontario.  The goal of the session was to share Power Advisory’s collective experience and knowledge on Capacity Markets and to provide an opportunity for our clients to consider an organized position heading into the IESO stakeholder engagement.  The session topics included:

  • IESO Stakeholder Engagement plans and potential timelines
  • Objectives of Capacity Markets and experience in North America
  • Potential for a Capacity Market in Ontario and issues to address
  • Potential impacts on OPA contracts
  • Related issues and potential next steps

For more information on Power Advisory’s expertise in Capacity Markets or the IESO stakeholder engagement please feel free to contact us 

Independent Review of Newfoundland and Labrador Electricity System

Power Advisory LLC has been retained by the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador to conduct an independent review of the electricity system.  Power Advisory LLC will examine the operation, management and regulation of the current electricity system to ensure reliability and security as well as a smooth transition into an interconnected system. Power Advisory LLC has completed projects of a similar scope in the past, particularly in Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States.  For more information please see the press release here.

Power Advisory LLC Announces Additional Consulting Staff

Power Advisory LLC is pleased to announce valuable additions to the consulting staffs in our Boston and Toronto offices with the additions of Mike Cadwalader, Ray Coxe, Jim MacDougall, Wesley Stevens and Don Tench.  Background on these individuals and their areas of consulting expertise are contained in the attached document.

Power Advisory News Release May 1 2014

For further information on the entire Power Advisory LLC team, please visit the Power Advisory Team page

Long-term Transmission Capital Expenditure Forecast for Alberta

Power Advisory experts have recently reviewed the 2013 Long-Term Transmission Plan (2013 LTP) for Alberta as published by the Alberta Electricity System Operator (AESO).  Based on our review we have developed a comprehensive forecast of Capital Expenditures over the planning time period (2014-2032).  The forecast includes an estimate of Development Capital Expenditures by project and region over the three time periods considered in the 2013 LTP.  Power Advisory has also estimated Capital Expenditures for General Plant and Sustainment based on the growth expectations of Alberta’s transmission rate base.  The analysis provides a detailed view of the long term trend for capital investment in Alberta’s transmission system and includes an alternative scenario for lower economic growth and oil sand development.

Future customer bill costs in Ontario

Power Advisory recently completed analysis showing that the cost of energy from solar, wind and bioenergy (i.e. non-hydro renewables) currently accounts for 9 % of an average customer bill.  The analysis expects the portion of non-hydro renewables to increase to 16% of an average customer bill in 10 years time and indicates that the rise in energy costs in Ontario is due to many factors that are not influenced by the increase of non-hydro renewables in Ontario’s supply mix.

See article in Globe and Mail and Toronto Star for more details.

Power Advisory Nominated for CanSIA’s 2013 Game Changer Award

Power Advisory LLC is pleased to announce that it has been nominated for a 2013 Game Changer Award from the Canadian Solar Association (CanSIA).  Power Advisory has been nominated under the Solar Service Excellence category for work with respect to Ontario’s consumer energy price forecast and solar installed cost forecast in association with grid parity analysis.  We are honoured to be considered.

CanSIA’s 2013 Game Changer Awards will celebrate those who stand above and rise to the challenges of the solar industry, those who have helped solar mature and those who took up the quest to lead solar in Canada to an even brighter future.

The Game Changer Award Gala will be held on the night of December 9th at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Downtown Toronto.