Business Strategy and Project Development

Our strategic advice covers a wide range of issues and topics, including advising existing participants and potential investors regarding opportunities for generation, transmission and smart grid related project development and investment, market entry strategy, project feasibility assessments, and the development of market positioning.
We have advised clients on a variety of different issues and challenges, including supply chain issues, regulatory considerations, financial assessments, project due diligence, project integration, contract negotiations and contract management.

Market Analysis and Strategy

Power Advisory staff have supported over 10,000 MW of investment in generation facilities in markets across North America covering the full range of technologies.

We can evaluate the need for new generation facilities, identify the generation technologies that offer the lowest costs, assess market risks and strategies for mitigating these risks, and evaluate the financial returns offered by such investments.

We have provided wholesale electricity market price forecasts since the opening of these markets in the late 1990s. We have defended these forecasts before regulators, stakeholders, lenders and investors. Power Advisory staff have advised clients regarding the specification of power market simulation models for the US Northeast (ISO-NE, NYISO and PJM), Ontario, Maritimes, and Alberta.

Policy Development and Market Design

Power Advisory staff have advised governments and stakeholder groups in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia on issues ranging from policies to promote the adoption of renewable energy technologies to the appropriateness of different electricity pricing regimes.

In Ontario, staff advised the MacDonald Committee on electricity market structure issues, the Select Committee on Alternative Fuel Sources on policies to promote the adoption of renewable energy technologies, and the Electricity Conservation & Supply Task Force on the competitiveness of the Ontario electricity market and the costs and performance of different generation technologies.

Power Advisory staff have authored numerous reports on barriers to transmission investment and policies to overcome these barriers.

Power Procurement Including Feed-In Tariff and Standard
Offer Program Design

We have advised clients on both sides of the table in the development and evaluation of procurement processes and associated proposals for more than 40 electricity resource procurement processes.

We have counseled clients on the appropriate structure of the procurement framework and evaluation process to maximize competitiveness given the resources being procured and the client’s objectives, We have also assisted numerous clients in their responses to power supply solicitations. Advice includes preliminary planning and evaluations, competitive intelligence regarding pricing, and advising on the final project proposal.
Power Advisory LLC staff offer extensive experience with the evaluation and design of Feed-In Tariff and Standard Offer programs and have had key roles in the development of Ontario and Vermont’s programs.
We have provided expertise in this area to government agencies, and stakeholders throughout North America.  Our advice covers all aspects and phases of program design, including preliminary analysis and designing the overall program approach, advising on effective policies and standard contract terms and conditions, as well as establishing price schedules.

Regulatory and Litigation Support

Drawing upon their broad-based industry experience, Power Advisory staff have
testified in both civil and adjudicatory cases on the need for generating facilities,
the costs and performance of different generation technologies, likely future
wholesale market prices, resource procurement programs, the competitive
implications of electric utility mergers, transmission pricing and the need for
transmission facilities.

Our analysis methods are litigation tested and our staff demonstrated experts.

Resource Planning

Power Advisory offers market-tested and value-driven resource planning experience which draws on our extensive wholesale power market analysis, technology evaluation and business case development and risk assessment experience.

Power Advisory staff has evaluated virtually all of the competitive wholesale power markets across North America and has assessed businesses cases and corresponding risks for a wide range of generation and demand-side resource alternatives in these markets. In addition, we have developed numerous forecasts of energy, capacity and ancillary service prices for these markets. We have defended these project assessments and revenue forecasts before project lenders, developers, regulators and credit rating agencies.

These services benefit from our extensive power contracting experience, and broad experience with a comprehensive range of electricity generating technologies including combined-cycle gas turbines, simple cycle gas turbines, pulverized coal plants and the full range of renewable energy generation technologies: wind, biomass, hydroelectric, landfill gas and solar photovoltaic. This experience has been gained through regulatory support assignments, project due diligence work, integrated power resource planning, renewable generation strategy development, renewable generation technology risk assessments and renewable policy development.