Power Advisory Announces Additions to the Consulting Staffs in Our Toronto and Calgary Offices

TORONTO, ONTARIO (October 2, 2017) – Power Advisory LLC is pleased to announce valuable additions to the consulting staffs in our Toronto and Calgary offices with the additions of Sarah Simmons, Neil Freeman, and Christine Runge.

Sarah Simmons, Manager of Generation and Emerging Sectors, has nearly 10 years of experience in the electricity sector and has worked with large-scale and distributed generators, electricity distributors and transmitters, industrial load customers, and emerging technology providers.

Prior to joining Power Advisory LLC, Sarah was a member of the Energy and Environment Practice at Sussex Strategy Group where she provided expert advice related to policy, power system planning, carbon pricing, emerging technologies, permitting and approvals, procurement of generation and transmission, and contract negotiations.  Sarah was also Government Affairs Manager for SunEdison Canada helping to navigate policy, planning, and procurement of solar generation across Canada where she was responsible for regulatory affairs, government relations, market protection and expansion.  Sarah started her career at the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) where she was instrumental in the development and launch of the Feed-in Tariff Program.  In 2012, Sarah was recognized by the Canadian Solar Industries Association as a leader by receiving a GameChanger award for her contribution as Chair of the Ontario Solar Photovoltaic Caucus.

Neil Freeman, a Power Advisory Executive Advisor, has extensive business development, management, and policy experience in the electric sector.  Over his career, he has also worked in senior roles in business development and corporate relations at Horizon Utilities, power system planning at the OPA (now Independent Electricity System Operator), business development at Hydro One Networks, and strategic planning and wires strategy at Ontario Hydro.  In 2016, Neil was named the Canadian Electricity Association’s first ever Individual Sustainability Leadership award recipient.

Christine Runge, Senior Consultant, joined Power Advisory LLC after working for the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) in the distribution rates department where she was involved in all aspects of the regulatory process.  Christine analyzed the financial performance of utilities during the first generation of Performance Based Regulation (PBR) to help assess the effectiveness of PBR plans, and took responsibility for the capital aspect of the second generation of PBR that resulted in the innovative K-bar mechanism.  Christine was also heavily involved in policy evaluation of the development of Alberta’s Capacity Market transition including delivery of a cost allocation and rate design model to assess cost impacts to electricity customers.  Prior to the AUC, Christine worked for the Alberta Electric System Operator in the competitive process department where she was involved in designing the competitive procurement process for the Fort McMurray West transmission project.

For further information on the entire Power Advisory LLC team, please visit http://www.poweradvisoryllc.com/power-advisory-staff/.

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