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Ontario Energy Board releases Power Advisory report on dynamic electricity pricing options for Ontario

The Ontario Energy Board (Board) has published a multi-year roadmap for updating and improving Ontario’s Time-of-Use electricity pricing system. The Board’s strategy is based in part on a jurisdictional review of dynamic pricing programs employed elsewhere performed by Power Advisory.   In particular, Power Advisory reviewed the experience with many forms of time-varying pricing in other jurisdictions, and identified which ones would be most appropriate for Ontario. Our report identified Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) as both effective in reducing electricity system costs, and requiring relatively little consumer effort to achieve a significant cost impact. We also highlighted the importance of enabling technologies, such as smart thermostats, in achieving cost-effective results. Building on Power Advisory’s recommendations, the Board’s roadmap includes two types of pilot studies: one focusing on simple forms of dynamic prices such as CPP, and the other focusing on enabling technologies which will allow more complex pricing.

Board’s roadmap

Power Advisory’s Report

Power Advisory pleased to announce the addition of Michael Ernst

Power Advisory is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Ernst, an expert with 30 years of energy experience as an attorney for a state legislature’s energy committee, state energy facilities siting board, public utility commission, private energy law firm, independent transmission development company and energy consulting firms.

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Independent Review of Newfoundland and Labrador Electricity System

Power Advisory LLC has been retained by the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador to conduct an independent review of the electricity system.  Power Advisory LLC will examine the operation, management and regulation of the current electricity system to ensure reliability and security as well as a smooth transition into an interconnected system. Power Advisory LLC has completed projects of a similar scope in the past, particularly in Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States.  For more information please see the press release here.

Power Advisory LLC Welcomes Alison Cumming

Power Advisory LLC is pleased to announce Alison Cumming as the newest member of our expert team of consultants.  Ms. Cumming is an energy sector professional with over 7 years of experience. Her expertise includes electricity market operations, policy development, resource planning, carbon policy and emissions costing. She has a strong knowledge of electricity generation contracts and market rules.  Please check our her full bio on our Power Advisory Team page

Power Advisory LLC Announces Additional Consulting Staff

Power Advisory LLC is pleased to announce valuable additions to the consulting staffs in our Boston and Toronto offices with the additions of Mike Cadwalader, Ray Coxe, Jim MacDougall, Wesley Stevens and Don Tench.  Background on these individuals and their areas of consulting expertise are contained in the attached document.

Power Advisory News Release May 1 2014

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